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Posted: 11th July 2024

New resources address menopause in veterinary workplaces
"We must do more to provide meaningful support." - Liz Barton
WellVet has published a series of videos.

WellVet, a not-for-profit initiative, has published a series of free videos designed to address the impact the perimenopause has in a veterinary workplace.

The resources include information and practical advice from professionals aimed at people impacted directly as well as those who wish to support them.

It is inspired by the findings of the 2020 Report on Menopause in the Veterinary Profession, co-authored by WellVet founder Liz Barton, which revealed that nearly half of veterinary colleagues had experienced at least a moderate impact from perimenopause symptoms. A third of respondents felt this had significantly impacted their career.

The survey also found that 90 per cent of respondents wanted more information about the menopause from a personal or team perspective.

The videos are tailored specifically for those in the veterinary industry, and feature advice from a range of experts. The information will be founded on concepts from lifestyle medicine and the neuropsychology of hormones.

The first instalment consists of nine videos, each five to 30 minutes long, on the WellVet website.

It will include content from Claire Gillvray – a GP, psychiatrist, lifestyle medicine specialist and founder of Gillvray Health. Dr Gillvray will provide an introduction to the menopause and explain potential treatment options.

Dr Gillvray says that her sessions will empower individuals to take control of their symptom monitoring. Those experiencing menopause symptoms will be encouraged to have meaningful conversations with medical professionals and try lifetime adjustments.

VetYogi founder Chloe Hannigan, who is also a veterinary surgeon and qualified yoga instructor, will provide practical sessions on symptom management through breathwork, meditation and yoga.

Dr Hannigan believes that, through mindfulness and movement, symptoms caused by perimenopause and menstruation can be alleviated.

There will also be sessions from neuropsychologist Libby Kemkaran, detailing how hormones can impact the brain, and how to mitigate the symptoms. Dr Kemkaran’s sessions will give attendees knowledge about biochemistry in the brain, as well as suggesting somatic interventions.

The first nine episodes of the series are accessible for free on the WellVet website. A further two instalments will be released in September and October, with 27 videos to be made available in total.

Dr Barton said: “In a predominantly female profession facing a workforce crisis, it’s vital we support team members in the workplace. The perimenopause years are the peak ages for women to die by suicide, and the most common perimenopause symptoms are psychological.

“We must do more to provide meaningful support.”

The video series can be found on the WellVet website.

Image © WellVet

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