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Posted: 3rd April 2024

Equine charity sees increase in welfare cases
World Horse Welfare hopes the advert will bring attention to the suffering that horses are experiencing.
World Horse Welfare has released a new advert to raise awareness.

An equine charity has launched a new TV advertisement, which it says will raise awareness of the suffering of hundreds of horses in the UK.

The advert comes as World Horse Welfare reports a 43 per cent increase in welfare enquiries that have needed its attention.

Many of these enquiries have required visits from the charity’s field officers, which investigate whether the horse is well-kept. Cases where the horses have required attention have resulted in four of its Rescue and Rehoming Centres nearing capacity.

World Horse Welfare said that, with much of its work happening out of public view, it is hoping its new advertising campaign will bring attention to the suffering that horses are experiencing, and the work it is doing to save them.

The TV advert, titled ‘How could anyone treat horses like this?’, features Seamus, a Clydesdale horse rescued by the charity who was so malnourished he was like a ‘giant skeleton’. World Horse Welfare ensured that Seamus was rehabilitated, and rehomed in a safer place.

It also explores many of the other cases of equine neglect and abuse which the charity has discovered.

Peter Rowbottom, director of fundraising at World Horse Welfare, said: “We are seeing a dramatic increase in demand for services and our UK support team have already dealt with 938 welfare enquiries this year, compared to 658 at the same point in 2023.  

“We aren’t expecting it to get any better either, as the wet winter weather has been particularly bad for horse owners this year, and our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres have already surpassed our preferred numbers.”

He added: “We hope that the advert will resonate with viewers and help us raise much needed funds to continue our work to improve welfare for all horses.”

The full advert can be viewed here.

Image © World Horse Welfare

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