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Posted: 28th February 2024

Cat rescued after two weeks in derelict house
Felix's owner believes the cat became trapped when the house was boarded up with her inside.
Felix became trapped when exploring the boarded-up property.

A four-year-old cat has been rescued by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), after she became trapped in a derelict house which she was exploring.

The feline, Felix, was discovered in the property after her owner heard her cries just three doors down from where she lived.

Felix had been missing for ten days when her owner, Joanna Keir, followed the sounds of her cries to the derelict house. She spotted the cat in the upstairs window of the property, and called the RSPCA to facilitate a rescue.

Ms Keir believes that Felix had been exploring the property, before it was boarded up while she was still inside. It is thought that she survived the ten days by hiding under the floorboards and eating dead pigeons.

RSPCA inspector Steph Baines was able to access the property with the help of the police, and set up a cat trap with food to coax Felix out.

However, Felix discovered a way to take the food and escape from the cat catcher. For a few days, the trap remained empty.

Eventually, with the use of a more sensitive trap, the RSPCA were able to catch Felix and reunite her with her owner.

Ms Baines said: “As the house was derelict, there were lots of hiding places and we believe she was spending most of her time in the back bedroom hiding under the floorboards. After setting a trap and checking it for days we eventually caught her. Apart from being very hungry and dirty, she was otherwise fine and glad to be home.

“As we all strive to create a better world for every animal, happy endings like this really are the best part of the job!”

Ms Keir, Felix’s owner, said: “It’s as though she’s never been away.

“I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for the RSPCA. I honestly don’t think we would have got her back without them.”

Image © RSPCA

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