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Posted: 10th December 2021

BVNA comments on Workforce Summit
"The BVNA's presence at this important event was paramount in ensuring the voices of our members and veterinary nurses in the UK were heard" - Alex Taylor, BVNA president.

Alex Taylor and Jo Oakden attended the meeting to represent VNs. 

Representatives from the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) were present at the RCVS Workforce Summit in London, to join discussions on potential solutions to the workforce issues facing the veterinary nursing profession.

BVNA president Alex Taylor, and senior vice president Jo Oakden attended the Summit, where the key areas of concern that were discussed were readiness for work, work-life balance, workplace culture, client interaction, career development and return to work for those who have left the profession. 

Alex Taylor, BVNA president, commented on the Summit: “The RCVS Workforce Summit was an incredibly productive day, and it was clear that everyone in attendance was there to achieve a common goal – to actively look for solutions to the current workforce crisis facing the veterinary profession in the UK. 

“Whilst we were all aware of how recent changes and challenges have affected the veterinary profession, we were united in our approach that change needs to come from everyone, and that we need to look at our profession with a fresh perspective if we want to move forward.

“The BVNA’s presence at this important event was paramount in ensuring the voices of our members and veterinary nurses in the UK were heard.

“What was particularly evident was the overwhelming support from other veterinary associations for the proper utilisation of veterinary nurses in their job role and further development of their career. 

“All seem to recognise how beneficial this would be for both veterinary teams and the general public. I am looking forward to reading the final report and action plan once they are published, as I think they will provide good guidance to all veterinary professionals. 

“Whilst we still have a long way to go in solving the workforce crisis, attending this event gave me hope that support is there and that solutions can be found if we work together.”

Jo Oakden added: “Representing the BVNA at the summit we ensured the veterinary nurses voice was heard. 

“We particularly focused on work place culture and work-life balance, which we feel underpins many of the challenges the VN profession is facing. 

“To move forward and address these challenges we need to be solution driven - realise what we cannot control and focus on what we can have an impact in. Change will not happen overnight, but we need to keep working together and engaging to make sure change does happen.

“The BVNA is working hard at doing this every day - we look forward to seeing the outcomes from the day collated and will continue being the voice for veterinary nurses in these important discussions.”


Images (C) BVNA

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