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Posted: 15th November 2021

TV channel for dogs launched
The television shows have been created to cater to dogs' audiovisual needs.
DOGTV hopes to alleviate separation anxiety stress.

A new television channel made especially for dogs has launched in the UK this month.

DOGTV, available via subscription, features shows designed specifically for dogs, tailored to dogs' vision and hearing, the colours have been made easier for dogs to see, and the camera angles align more to a dog's line of vision.

The channel features three different kinds of shows for dogs, stimulation, relaxation and exposure. Stimulation shows programmes with playful animated sequences, dogs, and other animals to prevent boredom, while relaxation features programmes with calming scenes and soothing noises. 

Exposure shows programmes which are edited with limited exposure to sounds that can cause some dogs anxiety – such as car noises and door bells. These programmes allow for safe exposure to these sounds, making them less frightening in real life. 

DOGTV's chief scientist, Professor Nicholas Dodman said of the channel: “DOGTV is an excellent resource for dog owners to help alleviate some of the behavioural problems that can arise when dogs are left alone. 

“With numbers of dog owners rising over the pandemic, and owners now returning to work, DOGTV helps canines to feel relaxed and comforted until their owners return home”. 

Programmes for dogs are not the only thing available on DOGTV, as the channel also features some television shows for dog owners to watch as well! This content includes shows such as 'Dogstar', which features dogs who watch DOGTV, 'The Dog Chef' – which demonstrates simple recipes owners can make for their dogs, and 'Dogs A-Z'. which features tips on understanding dogs. 

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