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Posted: 17th June 2021

Wildlife charity assisting in rescue of macaque
Siti was abandoned by her owner after being imported to Malaysia illegally.

Wild Welfare hopes to re-home the macaque in her native country. 

An abandoned pet macaque from the illegal wildlife trade in Malaysia is being repatriated to Indonesia after a UK animal welfare charity -Wild Welfare- offered their assistance.

The moor macaque, named Siti, was illegally imported into Malaysia and kept as a pet. After she was abandoned by her owner, Siti was taken in by the Sabah Wildlife Department, which manages Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, where Siti currently lives. 

Despite the fact that Siti is being cared for by Lok Kawi, macaques are naturally social, and live happier and enriched lives with other moor macaques. Noting the importance of this, Wild Welfare have launched a fundraising campaign to move Siti from Lok Kawi to Tasikoki Wildlife Centre in Sulawesi, where she can live with other moor macaques in her native environment. 

Dave Morgan, field director for Wild Welfare, said: “I knew as soon as I saw Siti that we should try and assist Lok Kawi in finding her a more suitable home.

“Macaques are inquisitive and social and should be living with others of their kind so they have opportunities to play, groom and positively interact with one another.” 

Tasikoki's Rescue Centre manager, Billy Lolowang, said: “Moor macaques are one of the most endangered species in Sulawesi. We are happy to hear that Siti will be coming back to Sulawesi and joining the social group of moor macaques that are currently under our care here.

“One day we hope that through the rehabilitation here, Siti and the other moor macaques will get their chance to be back in the wild.”

Whilst rescue and relocation of animals on an individual basis is not one of the usual tasks for Wild Welfare, they have secured half of the funding for Siti's relocation, and are currently fundraising for the other half. The total relocation will exceed £12,000.

Simon Marsh, Wild Welfare's acting director, said: “Moving a wild monkey between countries is no easy task, we have to consider her health and welfare at every turn and we are still facing a global pandemic and all the restrictions that brings.

“But spurring everyone on is Siti’s plight and her desperate need to live in a more suitable home. She is alone, she is far from her native home and as a charity, we work to ensure that every wild animal living in captivity receives the best care and welfare.

“We hope that with the generosity of the public, we can raise the final funds we need to move Siti and ensure she can live a happy, fulfilled life with other macaques at Tasikoki.”

To find our more about Siti and support Wild Welfare's fundraising campaign, visit the Just Giving page. 

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