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Posted: 14th April 2021

Zoetis launches new osteoarthritis medications
Librela and Solensia target NGF, a key player in OA pain. 
Librela® and Solensia® target Nerve Growth Factor - a key player in OA pain.

Zoetis has launched two new medications for the management of osteoarthritis (OA) in dogs and cats.

In a press release, Zoetis said that Librela® and Solensia® ‘work differently from NSAIDs, the current standard of care, by specifically targeting NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), a key player in OA pain.

‘As monoclonal antibodies, they are eliminated by the body in the same way as naturally occurring proteins, with minimal involvement of the liver or the kidney’. 

Mike McFarland, executive vice president and chief medical officer at Zoetis said: “Not all pets respond to NSAID therapy and some will not tolerate NSAIDs. This can lead to under-treatment today of OA pain.

“With Solensia for cats and Librela for dogs, veterinarians will now have access to once-monthly breakthrough solutions for the management of pain associated with osteoarthritis – offering a new alternative to veterinarians to improve the quality of life for pets and their owners.” 

In a field study, Librela administered as monthly injections showed a fall in OA pain, compared to placebo-controlled dogs. Pet owners noted a decrease in pain, as monitored by increased physical activity level, sociability, and quality of life. 

Solensia administered as monthly injections during two multi-centre field studies found that more than 76 per cent of cats were considered a treatment success by the owners. Veterinary-assessed joint pain scores decreased by around 50 per cent in these cats by study end. 

Librela is now available in the European Union, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Solensia will launch in Europe, United Kingdom and Switzerland in May. 

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