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Posted: 7th August 2020

Vets issue warning following spike in blue-green algae reports
"We are hearing of increasing numbers of blue-green algae sightings across the UK."
Dog owners urged to keep pets on a lead around water bodies suspected of the toxin. 

Pet owners are being warned to take extra precautions when out walking their dogs following a surge in reports of toxic blue-green algae across the UK.

The call from the British Veterinary Association comes after the death of a British bulldog, linked to blue-green algae exposure in the Lake District.

British Veterinary Association president Daniella Dos Santos said: “We are hearing of increasing numbers of blue-green algae sightings across the UK during this warm summer. We know that some dogs enjoy nothing better than a paddle in a cool lake while on a walk, but we’d urge pet owners to keep their dog on a lead during walks near water confirmed to have toxic algal blooms."

The BVA is calling on pet owners to look out for any warning signs put up by the Environment Agency and to keep pets on a lead when around water bodies that are known or suspected of blue-green algae bloom.

Ms Santos added: “There is currently no known antidote for the toxins, so prompt veterinary treatment is the only way to tackle their effects and ensure a good chance of recovery for your pet. If you suspect your dog has been exposed to blue-green algae, seek emergency veterinary treatment as soon as possible."

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