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Posted: 28th June 2019

Cat rescued after becoming trapped under floorboards
Mayhew believe Barry was trapped under the floor for around seven to 10 days.

Couple initially suspected they had mice

A cat has been rescued from underneath a couple’s floorboards, after they noticed small morsels of food disappearing from their kitchen.

Initially, the couple suspected a mouse was to blame, but they began hearing the odd faint mewing, and spotted long white cat hairs in their bedroom. They realised a small feline could, in theory, enter the house through a hidden hole in their laundry room wall.

Animal welfare officer Tania Mazzoni, from the charity Mayhew, went out to the house and located five-year-old stray cat Barry by following the sound of his cries.

 “Thankfully we were able to lift up the floorboards, and all of a sudden this little white head popped up from the darkness,” she said.

Mayhew believe Barry was trapped under the floor for around seven to 10 days. As he had access to only tiny morsels of food, he was significantly underweight and dehydrated when they found him.

Under the charity’s care, Barry quickly regained the weight he had lost and was soon back to his old self. He is now available for adoption.

Harry, the owner of the property where Barry was found, said: “Initially we thought Barry was merely a cheeky cat burglar, and although we never actually saw him, we wouldn’t have dreamed he’d get himself trapped and into trouble.

“Thanks to fate and Tania’s excellent rescuing skills, we got to know Barry better than we expected, and we now have a real fondness for him. Thank you Mayhew - we wish Barry all the best, and really hope he finds a happy home of his own!”

Image © Mayhew

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