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Vet Nursing Events

Endocrinology for Nurses

Course Outline:
Hormone (endocrine) diseases are common in small animal practice and teamwork is essential for the best outcomes. As a nurse you play a central role in managing these interesting illnesses. Who is it that owners usually look to for advice about their pets? You – of course! Why is my dog so thirsty? Why is my cat getting thinner yet she doesn’t stop eating? The answer often lies in an endocrine disease. Why does the vet want to do an ACTH response test? What is a blood glucose curve? The answers to these questions, and more, will be revealed.

What you’ll learn:

  • Pathophysiology – what goes wrong in the body to cause these diseases?
  • Clinical signs – what do owners Notice?
  • Diagnosis – what are the best tests?
  • Management – how can you help owners to help their pets?
  • Diet – is this important?
  • Monitoring – what to look out for!


Grant Petrie MA, VetMB, CertSAC, CertSAM, MRCVS

30th September in Studley, Warwickshire

For further information contact:


CPD Solutions
Oaklands Office Park
Hooton Road
Ellesmere Port
Cheshire, CH66 7NZ

Tel: 0151 328 0444
Fax: 0151 328 0555
E-mail: info@cpd-solutions.com
Website: www.cpd-solutions.com

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