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Posted: 4th October 2021

Battersea launches Wear Blue for Rescue campaign
The campaign champions love for rescue dogs and cats who need a second chance in life.
Campaign will celebrate all the underdogs who have become top cats.

Battersea has launched a new campaign calling on members of the public to champion their love of rescue animals.

The campaign, entitled Wear Blue for Rescue, asks people to join the rescue movement by sharing images of their own rescue pets on social media and shouting about how they support the work rescues do.

As part of this, the charity is selling campaign merchandise on its website, or people can request a free pet tag or pin badge.

Rescue owners can also make use of the special Battersea AR filter, now available on Instagram and Snapchat, using the hashtag #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed.

“Rescue animals are one of a kind and every year hundreds of thousands of animals become rescues for all sorts of different reasons,” commented Peter Laurie, Battersea chief executive.

“Wear Blue for Rescue is Battersea’s exciting new campaign that aim to champion our love for the wonderful, quirky rescue dogs and cats who just need a second chance in life. All the underdogs who have become top cats and are now living their best lives and bringing joy to their owners’ lives on sofas, in laps, and even on life-saving missions, around the world.

“Everyone can join in with Wear Blue for Rescue, you don’t have to own a rescue dog or cat to champion rescue animals and show your love and support for the organisations who care for them,” he said.

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