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Posted: 6th September 2021

Kennel Club cancels upcoming conference
"We would like to reassure that this important conference will be rescheduled for 2022." - Bill Lambert.

The Health and Welfare Conference will be rescheduled for 2022. 

The Kennel Club has announced the cancellation of its Health and Welfare Conference, planned to take place on 25 to 26 September in Kenilworth.

Reassuring those who wished to attend the conference, the organisation has confirmed that the event will be rescheduled for 2022.

Health, welfare and breeder services executive at The Kennel Club, Bill Lambert, commented: “It’s with sincere regret, and only after much effort and deliberation, that we are having to postpone this year’s Health and Welfare conference.

“We would like to thank all those delegates, speakers and event organisers for their commitment to improving dog health and welfare, and we would like to reassure that this important conference will be rescheduled for 2022. Details will follow shortly.”

Speaking on the circumstances causing the cancellation, Bill Lambert said: “The decision to postpone the event is based on a combination of factors - including the unfortunate clash with the rescheduled National Dog Show in Birmingham and remaining challenges related to the pandemic.

“We’re now planning an extensive programme with excellent high-profile speakers for the rescheduled event and continue to work hard to improve dog health and welfare ahead of the conference in 2022.”

The organisation has confirmed that its two multi-breed health testing clinic events will go ahead. Taking place today (6 September) and again on 15 November at The Kennel Club building in Stoneleigh, the events offer a range of scheme assessments.

Further information about the rescheduled events, including refunds, can be requested via the health team at health@thekennelclub.org.uk

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