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Posted: 2017-04-27

Farmers discover ‘unicorn’ in Iceland
Einhyrningur only has one horn growing from the middle of his forehead.
Einhyrningur the ram was first mistaken for a goat 

With the launch of the ‘unicorn frappuccino’ and booze fans hailing the arrival of ‘unicorn tears gin,’ it felt like the internet had reached peak unicorn. But reports from Iceland suggest that the craze is showing no signs of slowing down.

According to the Iceland Monitor, an Icelandic ram, affectionately named Einhyrningur (unicorn), only has one horn growing from the middle of his forehead. The majority of Icelandic sheep have two horns, and there are some that have three or even four. But farmers say both Einhyrningur’s parents had two horns, and that it must be some kind of mutation.

Einhyrningur was rounded up into the mountains last Spring, not long after he was born. When the sheep were gathered for winter, however, he was accidentally left behind. Luckily for Einhyrningur, farmers found him just before Christmas - although he was mistaken for a goat at first.

“It was funny, the shepherds saw him through binoculars, and had no idea what this thing was. Thought at first it was a billy goat with this high horn. Then when they got closer they saw it to be a sheep, with such a peculiar horn. Both horns grow together like one, and split at the end,” says farmer Erla Þórey Ólafs­dótt­ir of Hraun­koti at Land­brot, Einhyrningur‘s owner.

“This seems special, and he has a peculiar look because of this. The horns stretch his face, particularly around the eyes so he always seems to be a bit surprised. He kind of looks like people that have had a facelift,” she added.

Erla says that Einhyrningur has a calm and good-tempered nature, although he has had a few run-ins with the other rams because of his unique appearance.

“He quickly finds his own way. The horn gets in his way but he manages to get about his business in a sheepcote even though it's not designed for unicorns,” said Erla.

Image (C) NBCDFW.com.

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